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New Heights Dog Training, a training, boarding, and doggy daycare facility, has been based in Cleveland, Ohio since 2006. With our certified multi-state trainers we have the ability to assist dogs and families across the United States. Our proven positive reinforcement based dog training system provides you with the necessary foundation to insure you, your family, and your pet get the most out of your relationship. Read More


Dog Trainer Services


Board & Train

15–60 day training packages where we do the work for you! Read More


Basic Obedience

4-18 obedience training session packages. Sessions are 1:1 and focused on you and your dog’s needs. Read More


Puppy Training

12 session obedience training & socialization classes. Train your pup right the first time with our Puppy Training Program! Read More

Doggie Daycare

daycarehomepage Our Doggie Daycare services are perfect for busy parents, high-energy dogs, pups with separation anxiety, or when you just need some time with your dog out of the home. Dogs at daycare get plenty of exercise, playtime and socialization with many other trained dogs in a controlled environment and are supervised by a certified trainer at all times. Read More

Dog Boarding

dogboarding When you’re away from home while on vacation, dealing with a family emergency, or traveling for work, you can trust New Heights to provide a safe environment for your dog. Unlike many boarding facilities, dogs aren’t caged all day with minimal activity. Dogs boarded with New Heights get ample playtime and socialization each day. Certified trainers watch over the dogs at all times, guaranteeing your dog will get the best care available. Read More

Dog Training Location

New Heights Dog Training serves the Greater Cleveland. Call us at (216) 586-4181 or e-mail info@nhdogtraining.com to discuss your dog training, daycare or boarding needs.

Agility and Treadmill Training

Dog Training Articles New Heights Dog Training offers advanced training such as agility and treadmill training. Agility training provides an opportunity to stimulate your dog and offers plenty of exercise. Treadmill training is a great way to exercise your dog and is perfect to train your dog for running and for the harsh Cleveland winters. Contact us to discuss agility, treadmill or other advanced training.


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